About Emad Alhusayni


Photography is Emad Alhusayni's passion before it became his career, but before talking about Emad's photography career let's go few years back...


In 2002, Emad was very attached to photography, he enjoyed taking photos and loved to have the world view on the camera’s viewfinder. Emad at that time was 12, still in school, and surprisingly, his school was always assigning him as the photographer for any event it had.

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Emad did not have the financial capacity to upgrade his camera and gear, he had to work, even if it’s not in professional photography field, but he had plans to shift to that career as soon as he gets well established.


In 2007, Emad worked in an Apple Retail store as a salesman, due to his love to Apple products and his high sales, he was promoted twice, first as supervisor and then as a showroom manager, in this job, Emad was always thinking of procuring the right equipments for his professional photography journey and each year follows, he was closer and closer.


In 2011, Emad moved to his first and last desk job, his passion for photography haunted him, so he had worked on photography projects as a part-timer, the passion could not stop growing, and he was making triple the income he was getting from his desk job. Emad at that point, made the leap of faith, and decided to quit his job, because as he believes: “Life is too short to do things you do not love”, in his resignation letter he wrote to his employer: “I’m sorry, but I believe God made me a photographer”.



From late 2011 till now Emad has been a professional photographer, he gained the trust of numerous national and multinational companies in Saudi Arabia , he is fully equipped with all the necessary gear and expertise and treats every new project as a challenge that is to be accomplished with the best quality that is to be.


Throughout the years, Emad gained a decent reputation, his emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction and not having a single complaint against him made him highly demanded in the market. Emad aims to pursue his passion for more challenging projects not only within Saudi, but all over the world.